According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai, the place where passion, mission, vocation and profession intersect. The reason for living and getting up in the morning. Ikigai reveals the secrets to the Japanese longevity, the reason many Japanese never really ‘retire’, yet remain active and work at what they enjoy having found purpose in their life. 

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A six week course that equips young people with the skills and tools to discover their ambition and make confident and informed choices about their future
1. Uncover what motivates your teenager or young adult and translate it into real career choices, creating a long term roadmap

2. Unearth and develop your teenager’s natural ambition, aptitudes, skills, strengths, values, passions and identify under-appreciated areas

 3. Work on aligning values, core principles and beliefs with interests and academic profile, to create a motivational, actionable plan for the future.

4. Develop a CV, Linked in profile, cover letter, personal statement for University entry, or to enter the work force 
5. Learn the tools to succeed in an interview, and how to negotiate a salary,

6. Learn how to deal with set-backs and build self-confidence, self-belief and accountability. Give them the confidence to own and  plan

ONE-TO-ONE or group


An eight week one-to-one tailor made programme with a three stage process to land a job that aligns with your values and leave you with a legacy in your career, honouring you and your talents. 

1. Finding your ikigai - your purpose or spark. Getting you clarity on your ideal job, what you can do better than anyone else.

2. Expressing that ikigai - through your  resume, linked in profile, cover letter, interview techniques, and building your personal brand. 

3. Getting you interviews, using your network, getting noticed by recruiters and working on salary negotiation.





Kind words

Sonia is an amazing and devoted coach who asks the right questions. She beautifully tailored her own process to my own specific needs, after thoroughly determining where I was in my search of a career. She has left no stone unturned in the process. She empowered me, gave me back so much confidence to trust in the process and in myself. After 8 weeks of homework and coaching sessions, I have a kick-ass resume and cover letter, and know how to make work for me, to get me where I want to go. I feel confident in interviews, and know how to put my story and skills in the best light. I can firmly say that this was the best investment I ever made for my career! My advice to anyone reading this : take the first free call, and see if her coaching is for you, you will definitely not regret it.


I have tremendously enjoyed my sessions with you. 
 I've learned so much about myself and about promoting my work, skills and education. Thank you for dismantling the beliefs that caused me to doubt myself in the first place.


Thank you so. I haven't felt this alive in two years. 



 You may not realize, but I regard you as a great aspiration and inspiration of a woman who can juggle it all: kids, job, social events . Thank you for contributing your time and ideas always. 



I've had single primary job for 20 years, with a number of side gigs. Thus, my CV was highly geared to the sector of my main job, of limited interest outside it, and I had few ideas about how to make it more appealing. Sonia helped me identify and present achievements in my main job, as well as how to present my array of other activities in a more balanced way. I was particularly impressed by Sonia's drawing on her personal network to support me. 


Sonia Jackson is a gift to job seekers in Asia and around the world - her global expertise at top organizations like Unilever, Fox, National Geographic as well as co-founding her own start-up makes her uniquely positioned in the executive career coaching world. I don't think I know anyone else in this field with her expansive expertise. And her focus on ikigai is beautiful. I highly recommend Sonia Jackson as an executive career coach.
President International Association of Career Coaches. 

Japanese proverb 

You are only limited by your own determination and drive. Whatever you do make sure you’re the best in it.